Organic Food and Beverages at the MOA Conference

Thank you to all our organic food and beverage suppliers.

In addition to the great speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, and a relaxed and fun atmosphere, one of the best things about the conference is outstanding organic food and beverages.

To donate or supply food, use the form below.

What does everyone agree on about the MOA Conference? That the organic food that is served is FANTASTIC! The beer and wine goes over really well too! Thank you for sharing your organic food items!

Food/Beverage Supply Form - MOA Conference

Please help MOA make the most out of your organic food items by helping us plan.
  • MOA is known for serving outstanding organic food. We rely on organic producers and suppliers to help us manage costs. Knowing what food is available to us ahead of time is helpful. We encourage you to work with our caterers to make the most of summer produce ahead of time.
    Food or Beverage ItemAmountCost to MOAHow will it be delivered to Great Falls by 12/3/2020? 
  • This can include logistics, food preparation, use suggestions, etc.
  • Please include your title and/or role (student, owner, intern, etc.)
  • Please include your department, if applicable.
  • If you would like your business listed in the directory, please consider a Farm/Ranch, Organic Business, or premium membership.
  • Thank you for supporting MOA!

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