MOA Policy Proposal Submission

The MOA Policy Committee accepts resolution proposals from any MOA member. The committee will assemble all resolution proposals, seek clarification as needed from members and prioritize policy issues annually. Proposals must be submitted to the committee, in writing, no less than 90 days prior to the annual meeting to be considered and presented to the membership at the annual meeting.  Resolutions received less than 90 days from the annual meeting may be presented at the discretion of the committee or will be pended to the following (year’s) annual meeting.

Once the proposed resolutions from MOA members have been submitted, the Committee shall review the submissions, identify the top priorities, and draft descriptive statements making sure they are within compliance with MOA bylaws and highlighting conflicts with any existing MOA policy.  The committee shall publicize proposed resolutions to the membership for a ten-day comment period on the MOA webpage.  The committee shall then review comments received and modify resolutions and descriptions prior to the annual meeting.  After committee review, the resolutions are then offered for consideration by the membership at the annual meeting.  Resolutions that are approved by a 66% majority of voting members present at the annual meeting will be adopted as MOA policy.

For a Resolution to be adopted as MOA policy, it must be approved by 66% of the members, including proxies, in attendance at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors will review approved resolutions for legal soundness and compliance with existing MOA bylaws, and if results meet these criteria, the resolution shall be adopted as MOA policy. The adopted resolutions become part of the official MOA policy platform.

The MOA Annual Business Meeting will be announced sometime in Spring 2020. Proposals must be submitted 90 days prior to the meeting, by approximately September 1, 2021, for consideration.

2021 MOA Policy Proposal Form

MOA advocates for policies that protect the environment, promote healthy living, and support individuals, farms and businesses that are actively engaged in developing sustainable businesses and communities. It has developed a policy process for membership to determine its position on issues relevant to Montana's organic industry. We welcome your proposal for consideration.

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