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Contact: Jody Manuel
Address 48444 Rudd Ln Havre Montana 59501 Business Phone: 406-395-4143 Website: Prairie Grazed Meats


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We are a proud family of 3rd and 4th generation ranchers offering wholesome beef and pork in Montana. Stewardship of our land and our animals goes above and beyond our USDA organic certification. Our cattle are bred with the optimal genetics for Montana climates, keeping them happy and healthy year round. They are 100% grass fed/finished on a rotational grazing plan to preserve our luscious pastures. Our pigs are free to roam and root under a grove of fruit trees, then supplemented with organic Montana lentils and ancient grains. These practices imbue our nutritious beef and pork with a distinctive flavor and tenderness unique to northern Montana.

Prairie Grass Ranch is currently owned and operated by our family’s 3rd generation. Our 4th generation now gives you access to our premium beef and pork year round through our very own distribution channel, Prairie Grazed Meats.

Are you seeking the perfect pork loin for a gourmet dinner? Delicious steaks to barbeque? High quality burger to fill your freezer? Order online today!

– The Manuel Family

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48444 Rudd Ln Havre Montana 59501

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