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Mehmke Farms

Contact: Carl Mehmke
Address 8293 US HWY 89 Great Falls, Montana 59405 Business Phone: 406-788-1162
Categories: Farm, Grain, Hay, Lentils, Livestock, Malt/Feed Barley, Marketing, Peas, Straw, Wheat

Meisdalen Farms

Contact: John Meisdalen, Sue Meisdalen
Address PO Box 955 Malta, Montana 59538 Phone: 406-654-2150
Categories: Ancient Grains, Flax, Grain, KAMUT khorasan, Lentils, Lifetime Member, Pulses, Spelt, Wheat

Moccasin Trails Farm

Contact: Cliff Benjamin
Address 200 S Kraft Rd Shelby, Montana 59474 Business Phone: 406-432-3875
Categories: Barley, Grain, Grain Screenings (Feed), Hard Red Spring Wheat, Hard Red Winter Wheat, KAMUT khorasan, Peas, Wheat
Address PO Box 312 Kila, Montana 59920 Business Phone: 406-260-3927 Website: Montana Better Beef
Categories: Grassfed Beef
Address 275 MT Hwy 223 Fort Benton, Montana 59442 Business Phone: 406-622-5436 Website: Montana Flour and Grains
Categories: Ancient Grains, Barley, Flax, Flour, Grain, Grain Screenings (Feed), Hard Red Spring Wheat, Hard Red Winter Wheat, Hay, KAMUT khorasan, Mill, Oats, Peas, Wheat
Address 141 Andrea Dr Belgrade, Montana 59714 Business Phone: 406-450-1106 Website: Montana Gluten Free
Categories: Gluten-Free, Mill, Oat Groats, Oats, Steel Cut Oat Groats
Address 9144 Bonner Mill Road Bonner, Montana 58923 Phone: (303) 856-4464
Categories: Hemp, Processing
Address PO Box 201 Lambert, Montana 59243 Phone: (406) 774-3789
Categories: Grain, Hard Red Spring Wheat, Lifetime Member, Wheat

Montana Milling Inc

Contact: Samuel Schmidt
Address 2123 Vaughn Rd Great Falls, Montana 59404 Business Phone: 406-771-9229 Website: Montana Milling
Categories: Ancient Grains, Barley, Blue Corn, Brown/Golden Flax, Buckwheat Groats, Corn, Cracked Grains, Dehulled Barley, Dehulled Millet, Durum, Flaked (Rolled) Grains, Flax, Flour, Grain, Hard Red Spring Wheat, Hard Red Winter Wheat, Hulless Waxy Barley, Marketing, Mill, Millet, Oat Groats, Oats, Pearled Barley, Pulses, Rye, Soybeans, Specialty Mixes, Specialty Mixes, Spelt, Steel Cut Oat Groats, Toll Milling/Processing, Triticale, Whole Barley, Whole Grains, Whole Malted Barley, Whole Millet, Yellow Corn
Address 900 2nd Ave North Great Falls, Montana 59403 Business Phone: 406-761-2338 Website: Montana Specialty Mills
Categories: Canola, Flax, Mill, Oilseeds, Safflower, Sunflower
Address 501 Main Ave N Choteau, Montana 59422 Business Phone: 406-466-2684 Website: Mountain Front Market
Categories: Bulk Sales, Dairy, Eggs, Grain, Nuts, Poultry, Retail, Vegetables
Address PO Box 1450 New Milford, Connecticut 06776 Phone: (860) 210-7805 Website: Mountain High Organics, Inc.
Categories: Grain, Ingredient Supplier, Marketing, Wheat
Address 111 Commercial Ave Lewistown, Montana 59457
Categories: Alfalfa Pellets, Cracked Peas, Grain Pellets, Marketing, Pea Flour, Petfood, Retail
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